How We Work


Consistent with business practices within the luxury travel industry, we charge an upfront consultation, planning, research and proposal fee for custom-designed tours, expeditions and cruises. Each client and each trip is unique; therefore, it is not possible to provide a comprehensive list of fees covering every situation. Below is a general guideline should you wish to hire us. Fees are nonrefundable.


Hotel-Only Reservations

USD $100   
for up to three property proposals or three sets of dates at the same property

HOW TO HAVE HOTEL-ONLY FEES WAIVED: If you have chosen a property in our luxury hotel portfolio and you have established your travel dates and the category you wish to book, our research fees will be waived.

A USD $75 per room administrative fee will be applied for reservations with less than a total base rate per stay (before taxes and resort fees) of USD $1,000.

Additional fees will apply for multiple proposals based on the number of proposals you request.

>Cruises & Escorted Tours

USD $300

Fees apply when requesting research, proposal preparation and trip management.

If you have already selected the cruise line or tour and have a general idea of your destination, travel dates and stateroom or suite category, research and proposal fees may be reduced or waived. Pre- and post-cruise planning and management fees will be based on the length of extensions and services requested.

Cruise & Cruise GroupsFor groups of 8 or more travelers on a cruise or escorted tour, a $100 per person administrative fee will apply. This is in addition to the research and proposal fee.
Cancellations & Modifications

Hotels: Cancellations at any point, as well as modifications resulting in a shorter stay or lower room rate, are subject to our agency’s USD $75 per room administrative fee.

Cruises: Cancellations for bookings under deposit are subject to a USD $300 administrative fee. After final payment has been made, a 15% administrative fee may apply, above and beyond any supplier penalties.

Custom-Designed Trips & Safaris

From USD $400

The Luxury Travel Group charges a non-refundable $400 consultation and planning fee. This fee covers research and advice on destinations, accommodations, excursions, guides, transfers, special events and designing and presenting a customized proposal.

This is our commitment to each other that we are going to devote the necessary time to design your trip and confirms you are ready to move forward. Our services include:

★ Research and advice on destinations.

★ Custom-tailored itinerary

★ Reserving accommodations: Hotels, Villas, Yacht or Catamaran Charters, Specialized Trips.

★ Providing access to our Virtuoso & Preferred Partner Amenities (when applicable)

★ Presenting a customized proposal and making reasonable modifications.

★ Assurance you will gain from working with a professional Travel Advisor with trusted partners around the world.

★ Assistance with current travel protocols.

★ Recommendation on trip insurance coverage.

★ Travel support and accessibility before, during and after your trip.

Planning fee is due after our initial discover call or email.

Our fee is based on groups of up to six people for up to 12 days. Fees may increase based on group size and/or trip duration. Additional fees apply for adjustments to travel dates after the itinerary has been finalized.

We reserve the right to charge a 15% administrative fee based on the total trip cost in the event of a cancellation requested by you. This is assessed over and above airline, supplier, tour company, cruise line or other vendor penalties.

Late Booking SurchargeA Late Booking Surcharge of USD $250 applies for customized itinerary planning within 60 days of departure.

Concierge Services

From USD $150

Bespoke services beyond reasonable expectations and not a part of a comprehensive itinerary may be subject to management fees and include, but are not limited to: airport transfers, private drivers/guides, theater/event tickets, ferry tickets, local city tours, dinner and spa reservations and car rentals. Pre-paid bespoke components are subject to a 15% service fee. Fees will be charged at the time of confirmation of services and are non-refundable.
Flights & Rail

Rail or Domestic Airline Research, Ticketing & Flight Management: USD $75 per person

International Airline research, ticketing & Flight Management: USD $125 per person

Beginning WorkTravel planning and quotes will not commence until we have received your Travel Authorization Form and established your account. Flights cannot be offered without photos of each traveler's passport
Terms of ServiceThe Luxury Travel Group, Inc. is an independent contractor and affiliate of Brownell Travel, Inc. As such, all travel arrangements made through us are subject to Brownell Travel’s Terms and Conditions:

We strongly recommend the purchase of travel insurance. We will always provide travel insurance quotes based on current nonrefundable trip costs to protect your investment due to cancellations for covered reasons as well as medical protection while traveling.