Book Virtuoso Hotels Online

Booking Virtuoso hotels with complimentary amenities and VIP treatment is just a click away

If you would prefer to book Virtuoso rates at luxury hotels and resorts online and receive complimentary amenities, or you have a last-minute request, you can now book most of our partner hotels and resorts directly online.

You’ll still enjoy the same amenities and our VIP white-glove service.

How to book Virtuoso-member hotels

Just sign in and select Linda Terrill as your Advisor. Once you complete the reservation, you’ll receive a confirmation and we receive an alert. We then review the booking to be certain you have the best rates and all benefits and follow up with our hotel contacts to request VIP attention.

If you don’t see rates, simply email us your request with the hotel name, travel dates, number of travelers, and your preference for a room or suite. We’ll follow up by email within 24 hours.

If you are on a mobile device and don’t see rates, simply switch to Full Site at the bottom of the page.

To receive Four Seasons Preferred Partner benefits, reservations must be made directly with our staff at or 1-404-869-7412.

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