Zegrahm Expedition

Zegrahm Expeditions has built ultimate dream teams for each of their destinations. Your expedition team will include marine biologists, ornithologists, geologists, botanists, historians, anthropologists, archaeologists, or dive masters. Their dream teams are passionate about travel and the world around them.

Whether circumnavigating Iceland, joining a small-group safari in Africa, exploring remote paradises with unparalleled beauty, visiting India or Antarctica, or learning about communities where time-honored traditions remain unchanged, we will help you plan all aspects of your trip – from reserving your tour to booking international flights, travel insurance, how to pack, and how best to prepare for the trip.

From exploring the island gems of Polynesia or encountering saltwater crocodiles in Australia’s Kimberley to entering the eerie world of the Asmat in Indonesia or greeting the smiling faces of Melanesia’s many island communities, we will help you select adventures that will exceed your expectations.